Just curious (spoiler-ish)

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Just curious (spoiler-ish)

Unread postby Nequities » Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:56 am

I was just wondering... if Zack took Chris and Becky (from infected) into the void could he then make a body for becky when leaving? Or for that matter do the same thing to separate Gwen and Kate Verner (from Gwen Farris) ... not that I imagine Kate would want to give up her handy don't kill me Gwen shaped shield.

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Re: Just curious (spoiler-ish)

Unread postby PS Power » Fri May 05, 2017 5:16 pm

I totally missed this before. (Sorry, I don't know how I managed that one!)

Could Zack take Chris and Becky into the void, then come out with two bodies, instead of just one?
Not likely. The intensity would be so great that the stress of it might kill him. Now, could Becky attach herself to Human Zack, then have him do the same thing in the void? That might well work. (Remember two extra people "weigh" more than one. It isn't strictly a mass thing, however.)

So, were they to meet up, that might be allowed to happen...

Gwen is still on her own, given that idea. Now, if two line walkers worked together, each holding one of the people in the void... That could work.

Then, so could having Dareg make a body for her out of magic... I don't know that anyone would think of it for Kate/Gwen due to the fact that they are becoming bound in a strange way. Gwen probably wouldn't survive in Kate's body alone, given the current situation.

Timon might be able to do the work?

*I'm thinking of working on something with only a few poeple in it soon. These stories are becoming really big as far as potential cast!


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