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World Synopsis

This is a collection of loosely (or not so loosely in some cases) linked stories. Often you will see new voices coming to the fore, while also seeing familiar friends from other books. As viewpoint and world view change, so do the ideas of what other people seem like alter. Giving greater depth to characters that you have already seen through varied eyes.

Keeley / Zack / Eve / Ty / Avery   Reading Order

( Keeley Thomson Wiki Main, Other Places Wiki Main, Eve Benson: Vampire Wiki Main, Tyler G Wiki Main, & Avery Rome Wiki Main Series )

01 Demon_Girl     DEMON GIRL Wiki Main ~ Keeley Thomson Book 1 ~ January 21, 2012
02 Keelzebub       KEELZEBUB Wiki Main ~ Keeley Thomson Book 2 ~ April 1, 2012
03 Mistress_of_Souls       MISTRESS OF SOULS Wiki Main ~ Keeley Thomson Book 3 ~ August 29, 2012
04 Shortcuts       SHORTCUTS Wiki Main ~ Other Places Book 1 ~ December 3, 2012
05 Christmas_of_the_Vampire       CHRISTMAS OF THE VAMPIRE Wiki Main ~ Stand Alone ~ December 3, 2012
06 Demon_Trap       DEMON TRAP Wiki Main ~ Keeley Thomson Book 4 ~ April 12, 2013
07 Road_Blocks       ROAD BLOCKS Wiki Main ~ Other Places Book 2 ~ July 12, 2013
08 Friendzoned       FRIENDZONED Wiki Main ~ Stand Alone ~ August 12, 2013
09 Detours       DETOURS Wiki Main ~ Other Places Book 3 ~ January 18, 2014
10 Demon_Bait       DEMON BAIT Wiki Main ~ Keeley Thomson Book 5 ~ May 31, 2014
11 Finally_Dead       FINALLY DEAD Wiki Main ~ Eve Benson: Vampire Book 1 ~ January 27, 2015
12 Dead_and_Everything       DEAD AND EVERYTHING Wiki Main ~ Eve Benson: Vampire Book 2 ~ January 27, 2015
13 Dead_Certain       DEAD CERTAIN Wiki Main ~ Eve Benson: Vampire Book 3 ~ January 27, 2015
14 Among_The_Living       AMONG THE LIVING Wiki Main ~ Tyler G Book 1 ~ June 30, 2015
15 Living_Proof       LIVING PROOF Wiki Main ~ Tyler G Book 2 ~ June 30, 2015
16 The_Living_And_The_Dead       THE LIVING AND THE DEAD Wiki Main ~ Tyler G Book 3 ~ June 30, 2015
17 Living_Proof       SCALES Wiki Main ~ Avery Rome Book 1 ~ July 30, 2016
18 Dragon's_Eye       DRAGON'S EYE Wiki Main ~ Avery Rome Book 2 ~ November 14, 2016
19 Dragon_Queen       DRAGON QUEEN Wiki Main ~ Avery Rome Book 3 ~ April 26, 2017

The Demonverse Reading Order

"Demonverse" is the name being used by the author, P.S. Power, and his readers to identify the reading order encompassed by the books and series listed above in a single "novel universe". A contest was held in July of 2015 which involved a period for naming suggestions, a voting period for members of the P.S. Power Forum, and finally, a decision being made by the author himself. The final, winning name of the reading order was suggested by Korwin in the forum topic World Naming. There were a total of thirty-five suggestions presented in that initial topic, which were voted upon in the added forum poll (also named) World Naming. Three of those suggestions each received six votes with the other thirty-two each having three or less. Those three suggestions were then sent to Dale (aka P.S. Power) who chose "Demonverse" as the winning entry!

Congratulations to Korwin on his excellent winning suggestion!