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Cover Art & Description

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"At the end of the world Jake struggles to keep the people close to him, a group of strangers, alive. It isn't as easy as it sounds, since most of them are more than a bit stuck in the old world. But the luxury and laxity of that time has gone forever.

And Jake is the only person strong enough to keep them all in line.

Leaving him hated and reviled.

What they don't know about Jake is how kind and special he truly is, A Very Good Man, come to help them all survive. Even if he has to kill them to do it."

Main Characters

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  • Jake/Mickey Robson - 24 year old virgin & none of the females at the house are interested in him that way. The Very Good Man, Dehist.
  • Molly - 19, screamer in a cleaner group, suicidal. Round face, thinned a bit due to reduced rations. In the beginning of the books she was heavy, cow eyed and depressed. By the 3rd book she was Trim, cow eyed and decently capable.
  • Dave - 13, slightly chubby. Doesn't feel fear. Probably a psychopath. He loved killing. Zombies, animals for dinner, people that didn't do what he wanted. Has a doubly Y chromosome disorder, aggressive, lacking in fear & remorse, physically robust as he ages.
  • Tipper (Tiberia Skolu)- Short cropped hair, looked like a warrior. She was all work in the field. Hardcore, like a soldier or even a special forces guy. Most of the rest of the time too. Member of a modern version of the Amazon tribe, Valkyrie.
  • Lois - Cook at the house.
  • Burt - Knew stuff, how to make water pumps and wind turbines from scratch, things like that. Gray haired.
  • Derrick Holsom - Was on police force, lived at the house. He was popular with the women, and had slept with most of them already. Incubus (pheromones).
  • Nate - Leader at the house. Empath/telepath.
  • Carley: shoulder length hair, blonde and a little curly, and devastating light blue eyes. Militant feminist. A Kilgrade.
  • Sammi - Blonde, fairly cute 11 year old looking girl. Slightly Asian looking features, lily white complexion. Easily the oldest person in the house. Born in York. Longer lived, age at a slower rate than most. Better night vision (glowing eyes too) faster healing. Licks wounds because the saliva has antibacterial, anti fungal, & anti-viral properties & can speed heing in others. Bawdri.
  • Ken - dark skin and hair. Doesn't talk much. Berserker.
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Additional Characters

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