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DISCLAIMER: Any of the pages, articles and sections found on this wiki site may contain spoiler information about the plot, the ending of one or more stories and/or the evolution/details of ongoing characters. Please be aware that if you have not read the entire current (and related) series an article is placed in, you may be presented with spoiler information. You may not wish to continue reading from these items if such spoiler information is unwanted and/or offensive to you.

The following books may have common characters with one or more of the series, but are not considered part of the series itself.

Stand Alone Books

Christmas of the Vampire • Demonverse - Book 5 Crayons.png Josh and amy; something to think about....png Friendzoned • Demonverse - Book 8 Gratitude.png Unrelenting terror.png Ijime (the bullies).png Cheat.png Iron edge.png

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