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Cover Art & Description


"Brian Yi knew what it meant when he showed up with super-powers one day.

He was Infected.

Doomed to be hated and reviled for simply existing.

A monster.

But Brian is special, a rare Infected person willing to fight for those that can't, not uncontrolled or insane. In fact, thanks to his power of taking the place of those about to die and the bizarre overriding sense of self-sacrifice he suddenly develops, he doesn't really get a choice in the matter.

Now he has to either fight for the IPB - a government organization designed to contain the Infected threat - or end up lobotomized, living the rest of his days in a psych ward.

In the end though, he knows there's only one real option: save all he can. Even if it kills him.

Because the world is about to change, and the only thing standing between the lives of millions and certain death, is one man with the unlikely power to take a victim's place, when there is no other hope left."

Main Characters

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  • Charles ___ / Sparks
  • Clark ___ / ___
  • Felicia ___ / Soar
  • Georgia ___ / Pixie
  • Katie ___ / Know-It-All / Trivia / Brie
  • Lauren ___ / Level
  • Peggy ___ / Jaws
  • Robert ___ / Torque

Additional Characters

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  • Argos => IPB Operative; Super Speed; Team 1
  • Barbara "Barbie" Dorn => Counter Clerk at an Auto Repair Shop; 68th victim of The Jackal.[1] Redhead.[2] Died horrifically.[3]
  • Burt => Morning Cook at IPB HQ for Team 3's dining room; Has Tweety tattoo
  • Byron Wiese => CERT Team Member; Attacked Brian Yi during kids recovery mission
  • Captain Mayers => Army - Delta Force
  • Carl => IPB Physical Trainer for 15th Floor; Gay
  • Carla => Doug's Girlfriend; Chubby with Strawberry-Blonde hair
  • Cavelli => One of four people assigned to protect Melany Miller on island; Became a Ghoul
  • Clarice => IPB Makeup personnel; Goes by "Clari"
  • Conroy => Survival Training Guru; Thin, older man with long gray hair in ponytail and a beard
  • Crandall => IPB Operative; Swordsman; Fast; Deep tan skin with white hair and eyes; Team ___
  • Daniel => IPB Operative; Able to camouflage self and other objects he's touching; Team ___
  • Dave => IPB Operative; Light blue skin, dark blue hair, eyes - solid blue without pupils; Repulsing force; Team 2
  • Davis => IPB Agent; Returned with Brian after talking to Chambers family at hotel
  • Dr. Burrows => IPB HQ Medical Department Head; Cute Japanese; Brown eyes
  • Dr. Clinton => IPB HQ Medical Staff; Initially believes Brian may be drug abuser; Saves Denis Tompkins life by injection
  • Dr. Diane Tull => IPB Medical Staff; Psychologist?
  • Dr. Kern => IPB Medical Staff;
  • Dr. Richards => Hospital MD that managed Brian's care; Told masturbation joke
  • Dr. Sara => Cute, slightly plump
  • Ellen Doer => IPB Staff / Investigator; Able to tell if something/someone has been tampered with and how
  • Emanuel => IPB HQ Gardener and Main Groundskeeper; Small, brown man
  • Ghouls => Changed by Specific Infector; Long jaws, gray skin, black fingernails, long armed body structure; Named "Ghouls" by Dharma
  • Jackal => Infected Serial-Killer/Cannibal; Killed 214 people over a few months; Smaller than Brian Yi
  • Janine => Cook for 9th floor; Dark woman with a bright a cheery smile
  • Jeremy Messerschmidt => MIT roommate for Brian; Works at Harvard; Developed armor and knife for Brian; Light brown hair, slightly heavy
  • Kel => IPB Operative; A bit plain looking - flat face - a bit square and boxy appearing; Team ___
  • Ken => Male RN taking care of Brian in the hospital.[4][5] May have read Gwen Farris novel to Brian.[6]
  • Kerry => IPB Operative; Assisted in clearing building at end of book; Cute, normal looking, snub nosed; "Not on Team 1 for some reason"
  • Lis => Mummy looking woman; Assisted in clearing IPB HQ after collapse; Team 2
  • Lobo => IPB Operative; Appears as a lavender lobster; Team ___
  • Martin Joabs => IPB Staff; "Super Lie Detector"; Older black man, mostly bald with wispy white hair at edges; Wrinkles seam his face
  • McCreedy => US Congressman; Hooper's "Politician on the floor"; Saved from Tesseract by Brian stabbing self in chest
  • Melany Miller => 11 year old Specific Infector; All Ghouls created by her ability, including her father
  • Richard => Reporter who interviewed Brian about how taxpayers' money was being spent on him
  • Rick => Jackal's accomplice with the gun
  • Rogers => One of four people assigned to protect Melany Miller on island; Became a Ghoul
  • Royce => IPB Agent; Returned with Brian after talking to Chambers family at hotel
  • Sam Morris => IPB Administrator; Worked with Brian to organize after building collapse
  • Shaw => Officer that beat initially beat Brian
  • Sorenson => One of four people assigned to protect Melany Miller on island; Became a Ghoul
  • Tobias => Truck driver smuggling pot; Assists Brian in escaping Ghouls; Nickname "Toby"
  • Tom Roberts => US Senator; 60ish, stately, fit and strong looking; Visited IPB HQ with Liberian Ambassador
  • Vert => One of four people assigned to protect Melany Miller on island; Became a Ghoul
  • Warren => Head Chef for IPB HQ Level 1 Restaurant; Injured during building collapse and taken to hospital
  • William Washington => Ambassador from Liberia; Visited IPB HQ with US Senator Tom Roberts

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Publisher: Orange Cat Publishing; 4 edition (February 7, 2012)

Publication Date: February 7, 2012

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

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Citation References:   (click "Collapse" to the right to reduce this section)

  1. Proxy:378] “‘Her name, the woman, was Barbara Dorn, Barbie to her friends, she worked as the counter person at a mechanics shop in the same town the bar is located in. She’s the sixty-eighth victim of a serial/spree killer known as the Jackal."
  2. [Proxy:41] “What did you do with the pretty redhead?"
  3. Proxy:390] “‘They… raped her for several hours, then the Infected known as the Jackal killed her, literally eating her alive. His friend then sodomized the corpse - what was left of it - and relieved himself on the other dead bodies.’” [391]
  4. [Proxy:332] “… a male nurse, Ken, walked him around the halls to make sure he got the exercise he could."
  5. [Proxy:337] “Ken chuckled and told Brian that he’d see what they could come up with. The man did better than that, even helping him shave, since Brian couldn’t hold a razor yet.” [338]
  6. [Proxy:361] “… and Ken the nurse who’d come and read the him, even if he couldn’t recall what the man had said. Something about a woman named Gwen stuck in another world?” [362]