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Spoiler Disclaimer

Any of the pages, articles and sections found on this wiki site may contain spoiler information about the plot, the ending of one or more stories and/or the evolution/details of ongoing characters. Please be aware that if you have not read the entire current (and related) series an article is placed in, you may be presented with spoiler information. You may not wish to continue reading from these items if such spoiler information is unwanted and/or offensive to you.
Disclaimer contributions by: bdrosen, lenoirdenantes

Published Series

The Infected
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Proxy • The Infected: Book 1 Gabriel • The Infected: Book 2 Cast Iron • The Infected: Book 3 Proxy: Reunions • The Infected: Book 4 Cellophane • The Infected: Book 5 Goblin • The Infected: Book 6 Ghost Girl • The Infected: Book 7 Impulse: A Whole New Day • The Infected: Book 8 War Day • The Infected: Book 9 Arc 1-2.png

The Infected: Ripped To Shreds
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Arc 1-2.png Hush • The Infected: Ripped To Shreds: Book 1 / The Infected: Book 10 Ripped Open • The Infected: Ripped To Shreds: Book 2 / The Infected: Book 11 Asunder • The Infected: Ripped To Shreds: Book 3 / The Infected: Book 12 Arc 2-3.png

The Infected: Mirror Man
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Arc 2-3.png Shine • The Infected: Mirror Man: Book 1 / The Infected: Book 13

The Young Ancients
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The Builder • The Young Ancients: Book 1 Knight Esquire • The Young Ancients: Book 2 Knight of the Realm • The Young Ancients: Book 3 Ambassador • The Young Ancients: Book 4 Counselor • The Young Ancients: Book 5 Slave Line • The Young Ancients: Book 6 The Dark Half of the Sun • The Young Ancients: Book 7 A Simple Darkness • The Young Ancients: Book 8 Ancient Kings • The Young Ancients: Book 9 Lord of the Sky • The Young Ancients: Book 10 The Silence Within • The Young Ancients: Book 11 Kingdom of Stars • The Young Ancients: Book 12 Goddess of the Moon • The Young Ancients: Book 13 Arc 1-Int.png Envoy to Earth • The Young Ancients: Book 14 Strange Land • The Young Ancients: Book 15 Countess of Desire • The Young Ancients: Book 16 Arc Int-2.png

The Young Ancients: Erotic Moments
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Countess of desire.png

The Young Ancients: Second Cycle
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Arc Int-2.png Lineage • YA Second Cycle: Book 1 / The Young Ancients: Book 17 Light Bringer • YA Second Cycle: Book 2 / The Young Ancients: Book 18 Kindred • YA Second Cycle: Book 3 / The Young Ancients: Book 19

Dead End
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A Very Good Man • Dead End: Book 1 A Very Good Neighbor • Dead End: Book 2 A Very Good Thing • Dead End: Book 3 A Very Dark Place • Dead End: Book 4 The Definitive Collection

Gwen Farris Series
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Abominations • Gwen Farris: Book 1 Monsters • Gwen Farris: Book 2 Strangers and Lies • Gwen Farris: Book 3 Tremble in the Dark • Gwen Farris: Book 4 Friends and Enemies • Gwen Farris: Book 5 The Mask of Omegon • Gwen Farris: Book 6 To End All Wars • Gwen Farris: Book 7

Keeley Thomson Series   ( Demonverse )
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Demon Girl • Keeley Thomson: Book 1 Keelzebub • Keeley Thomson: Book 2 Mistress of Souls • Keeley Thomson: Book 3 Demon Trap • Keeley Thomson: Book 4 Demon Bait • Keeley Thomson: Book 5

Eve Benson: Vampire   ( Demonverse )
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Finally Dead • Eve Benson: Vampire - Book 1 Dead and Everything • Eve Benson: Vampire - Book 2 Dead Certain • Eve Benson: Vampire - Book 3

Tyler G   ( Demonverse )
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Among The Living • Tyler G - Book 1 Living Proof • Tyler G - Book 2 The Living And The Dead • Tyler G - Book 3

Avery Rome Series   ( Demonverse )
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Scales • Avery Rome - Book 1 Dragon's Eye • Avery Rome - Book 2 Dragon Queen • Avery Rome - Book 3

Lopez Time - As Phillip S. Power   ( Demonverse )
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Troy ounce.png Hell in a troy.png The gates of troy.png

Other Places   ( Demonverse )
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Shortcuts • Other Places: Book 1 Road Blocks • Other Places: Book 2 Detours • Other Places: Book 3

Alternate Places
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Mr. Hartley • Alternate Places: Book 1 Between • Alternate Places: Book 2 On The Line • Alternate Places: Book 3 Shield Of Innocence • Alternate Places: Book 4

The Lament
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Without Rhythm • The Lament: Book 1 Off Center • The Lament: Book 2 Missing Elements • The Lament: Book 3

The Greasepaint Chronicles
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A Fear of Clowns • The Greasepaint Chronicles: Book 1

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Absolute • Discipline: Book 1 Commit • Discipline: Book 2 Persist • Discipline: Book 3

Tony Winters Series
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The Art Of Being Tony • Tony Winters: Book 1 The Unstoppable Tony Winters • Tony Winters: Book 2 The Heart Of Tony Winters • Tony Winters: Book 3

The Coalescence Series
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Out Of The Woods • The Coalescence Series: Book 1 Pain Stones • The Coalescence Series: Book 2 Crystal Core • The Coalescence Series: Book 3

Stand Alone Books
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Christmas of the Vampire • Demonverse: Book 5 Crayons.png Josh and amy; something to think about....png Friendzoned • Demonverse: Book 8 Gratitude.png Unrelenting terror.png Cheat.png Iron edge.png

As Cassie Power - Uncanny Things
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Snowbound nomad.png

As Dan Abe
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Ijime (the bullies).png

As Mary Allison - The Erotic Adventures of Sarah
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A man without pause.png

As Nicole Lawson - My Secret Erotic Life
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The best revenge.png The best policy.png

P.S. Power Biography

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Pspower.jpg Born August 9, 1971.

From Vancouver, Washington.

"A long time ago, which is actually a little less than four years, I was involved in a special program in a different place. A very different place. I won't go into the details, because... Boring. The overview is simple enough so I'll just share that.

Using extreme mental conditioning I was to transfer into a different reality scheme, and the person there moved into my own.

It worked. Yay.

Now I'm stuck here, so, you understand, I need to do something.

The person I replaced was a wizard. Now I can do that, sure, who can't?

But your world only has about three of those officially, and people look at you funny when you try to tell them that's what you do for a living. How other me managed I don't know. Can you imagine explaining that to the checker in a grocery line? Talk about awkward.

So I decided to share some of my writing with you. I know you'll like it. But just in case you're wondering, these really are my own work, I didn't just... copy them from the original author in some other reality and claim them as my own here. That would be unethical.

  • Also: If you, or someone you know is from a different reality, say one where Al Gore won the presidential race... Could you get in touch with me? I kind of want to return home now.

Thank you for your patronage.

P.S. Power"

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