Book 2: Pain Stones is out now!

When all worlds are in peril, good people must find some way to fight.
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Re: Book 2: Pain Stones is out now!

Unread postby brainsniffer » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:25 am

I was wondering about that, Riley has always been important on the periphery, but I did wonder after reading about Elsa whether Riley was in fact the trickster/part of that universe or part of the greater group or if they were all of the same, or if tricksters were the version of that group for that universe - if that makes sense.

Funny enough, I thought Elsa was waaay too predictable, yet you still got me with the misdirect, and then the other misdirect (about that other thing with the other people) got me too... love that.


Seriously though, there's a group of super dooper powerful goodies, and they're attacking people that could work with them! It's also interesting they've moved on from Tor to Will as someone who could be broken enough to be powerful enough... I've been missing having Tor driven stories, and re-reading his... I still vote him as most likely to build himself a universe away from everyone. He's been waaaaaay too quiet - hopefully he's just retired and baking and happy. Although, could he be?

Anyway, I'd like to see more Tor, eventually more Zack, although I get why we can't... I know they may not be as fun as newer characters... but gods do I love em. (Also more Tony Winters, but you'll ban me if I keep saying that out loud :P).

Buddy cop movie with Tor and Jake looking for a new world to call home because they just can't stand their own anymore. Tor always was a puzzle piece that didn't fit :(

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Re: Book 2: Pain Stones is out now!

Unread postby PS Power » Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:30 pm

Tor isn't retired at all. He's very busy and well employed in fact.

Jake and Tor both fit in, just in their own ways. Now at least. If anyone ends up leaving, it will probably be Willum. He fits in to other places a bit better than he does in Noram. Still, there is work for him to do. Probably in a few months, our time. (I think that I'm going to do a quick Troy Lopez trilogy. Starting tomorrow? It will star Vampire Troy, and Human Troy, if I can make that work out. It might just be Vampire Troy though...)


The goal will be to release that near the end of August. For July we get Snowbound Nomad. It's worth reading, even if you think you don't like romances.


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