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Stats for the Infected Characters

The Infected, The Infected: Ripped to Shreds & The Infected: Mirror Man series.
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Re: Stats for the Infected Characters

Unread postby MarciaA » Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:00 pm

Updated info from War Day book.
Carl the training instructer and Warren are a couple.

Edward Rigsby-teddy bear man-Rigs: former army, martial arts instructor after that, and later, comic book writer. Ability: create and manifest energy beings, very complex and powerful ones. 1st mode: homicidal rage, constant and never ending. Appearance: teddy. Ear, clearly male, rounded cheeks and deep brown fur all over any exposed flesh. Decently muscular if rounded a bit. Fingers were a bit stubby that ended in slightly flat claws. His voice was deep and he was about 5 feet tall. He was the new team four. Class 8. Can make class 6 & 7 constructs, and can keep 5 going at once. Can do anything he dreams up too, telepathy, teleportation, healing, energy based crud.

Cardy -Speed-has a fascination with small figurines, fast, her face looked a bit like she didn't eat enough.

Sinclair: collar length light blonde hair, pretty, close to actress level, with a dimpled chin. Teleports up to 50 miles alone, or 5 to 6 carrying someone. 1st mode, try to get along with people.

Wendy: bright yellow bird like beak, and Hugh nearly black eyes. Her hair had Blue feathers mixed in with her human looking brown hair.

Phoebe: healer. Nice looking girl, light colored hair, and a good sized nose, as well as shariah features. Swears like a sailor.

T'ket: one of team 4- less than 4 feet tall, pointed ears and collar length blonde hair, cat slit eyes. Gave reports in the form of a ballad. Insisted he was a forest elf.

June-team 4 member: rather cute, resembled Marcia but with long wavy hair, shape changer. Military attitude giving report.

Dev'an: team 4- a kid in form, sweet and patient.

Coordinator: spider like braclet worn by Wren(Wendy).

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