Snowbound Nomad: Anyone want to take a look or help with editing?

This is where Dale (PS Power) will post information about new books that he is sending out to lucky readers to edit and send back to him.
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Snowbound Nomad: Anyone want to take a look or help with editing?

Unread postby PS Power » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:57 pm

This is the incredible, awesome, erm...


"This is the story of Merry Seaford, a scientific production assistant, skeptic and forward location scout for Uncanny things, a struggling paranormal television show. The show has a dark secret though. It's actually an investigative front for an old, highly eccentric billionaire. Danson Meeres.

When Merry travels to North Eastern Washington state to set up a location in an isolated cabin, she is caught out by a sudden snow storm. Trapped with the new team psychic, Dan Meeres, the grandson of the man himself. A good looking and mysterious man who is far more than he seems.

Their relationship blooms as dark secrets come out, there in the deep snows.

Merry went to find uncanny things, but what she truly find is a magic older, and more powerful, than she would have ever expected.


Okay, so this is a romance novel. It contains a lot of other things and should be the start of new series (One with a different couple each time, happily ever after endings and all that good stuff, with a somewhat gritty supernatural world that is a distinct divergence from what I've been working on as "P.S. Power".

Yes, it's a womans name on the cover! It's a pen name, but apparently the 40% of romance authors that are men use womens names like that as a tradition.

Why romance? Well, two reasons. The main one is that writing it forced me to think of things in a very different light. that is always good for developing skills and continuing to grow in any field. You either push yourself or you are just marking time. Second is that Romance is the largest catagory of book sales for fiction. I know... Romance? So I thought that, now that I have a bit of practice under my belt, I might try it. The love story takes center stage, with a slice of life story around it.

It is, like I mentioned, different.

If you'd like to help with editing, please contact me at:

Just send an email, so I have an address to send it to. Don't worry, I'll make it easy, if you've never done it before. I just need some fresh eyes on it.

Thanks everyone!'


(Cassie Power. Yes, that does feel weird to write...) :)


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