Brief descriptions of the lands

Details of places as described in the books
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Brief descriptions of the lands

Unread postby MarciaA » Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:47 pm

Warring feudal level tribes in North America, South America is filled with peaceful stone aged people, Australia is a technological nightmare and Europe is run by a pseduo-Christian cult. Only Africa and the Antarctic have managed to do the right thing. "quote by Monroe in Kingdom of the Stars"

Noram (North America) is pretty much that way I'll grant. But Austra is nice enough. They're using things up a bit too fast and are too driven by greed, but are managing to not use everything up really. Tellerand, ... which I think is Europe? Black does have that going on then, but thie actual land itself is well managed. People help each other there and live clean and simple lives.
I don't like what grandmother did with Afrak. Africa. Gray changed the people, so that they can't even consider violence or resistance. The Antarctic only had 3 people. The blues. "quote by Timon"

Which leave Vagus, which, until a few months ago, was stone age culture. Now they're taking up the new magic too. "quote from Kolb"

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Walking into the living room, he found it missing. Mr. Hartley

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