Noram Counties

Details of places as described in the books
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Re: Noram Counties

Unread postby GrassHopperJonez » Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:22 pm

Okay. Sorry, I must have missed that post. Been trying to read it all but it's a lot to go through.


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Re: Noram Counties

Unread postby MarciaA » Sat Jul 04, 2015 8:59 pm

No worries! It might not even be talked about here on the forum... There's some info on his website, and he and I have discussed it a bit via email, so no telling for sure how I know that. Lol

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Re: Noram Counties

Unread postby Tahg » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:33 am

I agree with most of these county placements, but have a few corrections. Galasia isn't a county at all, it's a Barony in county Harris. ... Which is in completely the wrong place. It's on the west coast, between county Ford and county Lairdgren. It's stated that it has a narrow bit of coastline, but I would place it roughly around Nevada. County Ward is as best I can tell is on the East coast, I think where Florida would be, with County Printer being north of that, say Georgia and the Carolinas. I may have those two counties swapped. I agree with the rough placement of the capital (County Cordes), and know for sure it has borders Ford to the west, Rodriguez to the south, and Morris (County Baker once Tiara killed Count Morris and family) to the East. The wildlands, are to the north of the capital about 200 miles, and while not stated probably part of County Cordes.

Duchy Keene:
Her Duchy covers the western part of Canada, assuming Holde(r/n) is in the right place. I don't have any info to refute that. Her home resides at the corner of her other 4 counties. There's no real clues as to which is where, but assuming Timon travelled them in a sensible order in TDHotS, we have County Thompson on the western coast, on the northern border of Lairdgren, County Breen borders Holder, so that's in the northwest, County Richland to the east of Thompson, and County Alan to the north of Richland and east of Breen.

I've been binge reading the books the last few weeks, currently at 15/19 books of the YA series, but plan on combing through the books for info after that to update the wiki / here. The above is just what I recall from memory. The two best sources (at least of the books I've read so far) are "The Dark Half of the Sun" and "Envoy to Earth".

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