Details of places as described in the books
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The city really didn't look like much, once Tor saw it. Low to the ground and mainly made of mud, supported by sticks, the place smelled just a bit of human and animal waste. It seemed to be summer here though, so the dirt streets were solid and not pits of muck, even if they were probably made of that for the most part. He could see the bits of partly digested straw worked into the pale soil. Outside the town there were large fields with a variety of food growing, looking more like big garden plots than cultivated single crops, except to the west, at the foot of the large hills there, which were covered with grass for the animals. At least horses and something like big cows were grazing there. People dressed in loose long tunics that seemed largely to be made of animal skins, making them look a fairly uniform tan color. Asian, all the villagers were. More gold than tan, with different bone structures then the people of Noram. (slave line)

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Walking into the living room, he found it missing. Mr. Hartley

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