Q Anon... Some thoughts... (Unpopular Opinions)

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Q Anon... Some thoughts... (Unpopular Opinions)

Unread postby PS Power » Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:22 pm

Q Clearance Annon is a poster who has been variously on 4chan and 8chan. They claim to have Q clearance, hence the name. (One of the top cub-levels of Top secret clearance. It designates a need to know for certain topics. For those interested, the President has "L" clearance. Part of his powers give him the ability to declassify anything.)

This individual or group of people has put out some decent information, mainly in the form of questions and riddles.

Now my unpopular opinion on this topic.

Q Anon is almost certainly a purposeful psy-op. They seem to be indicating that a massive revolution is about to start, but that it will all be done "behind the scenes" with operatives (good guy patriots) doing all the real work. Small things are being pointed to that can be verified, but the larger things being promised are all "hidden" information. Given in the form of a riddle, so that when that data is proved wrong, they can simply say that people just didn't get the real answer.

There is also an awful lot of "prediction" going on. Some of it proving accurate, but when giving people data you speak of trends, plans or inside information, not making predictions in particular. (Even good predictions tend to be wrong about half the time. They can be a useful tool, but have to be taken as being just that. A tool that can help you prepare before a thing happens.)

I'm not certain what the long-term goal is, but my guess is that whoever is doing this is giving people something to hope for and to distract them from possibly taking action. (That's my guess, not prediction.)

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay any attention to the information being riddled for you. If you have fun with that kind of thing, or think that there might be good and useful data inside of the lines given. I'm just suggesting that anyone trying to rally forces would be far clearer about what they were saying. (After all, these people aren't hiding from the NSA or CIA, those groups know who is doing this and haven't taken action to stop them openly, meaning they probably don't really care... No, the only people they are hiding from are the ones they are talking to.)

When performing a psychological operation, one of the first keys is to get people to go along with you first thing. Normally by telling people the truth, or what they want to hear. Then, slowly, you change to the thoughts that you want them to go along with. Changing the rules of the game until only they can win.


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