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Finishing series

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Finishing series

Unread postby Mojo » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:51 am

Instead of putting off the end of the coalescence series and moving into new books under another name, how about finishing it now and then starting under the new name with a clear slate?

Glenn Cover
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Re: Finishing series

Unread postby Glenn Cover » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:01 pm

While I find that a wonderful idea, I do not see this series finishing in one book. It seems to need at least two more.

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PS Power
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Re: Finishing series

Unread postby PS Power » Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:01 am

It really depends on how I end up doing things. If the series all keep going after the end of the major arc, then it will have to be handled differently.

Still, I promise, the last book of the series was NEVER going to be next month! There are five or more books left. Possibly more, if I take any side steps.

I just need a bit of a break. Today I started working on Snowbound Nomad again. (It honestly isn't too bad, even if it is a Romance novel. At least that's what I'm trying to write. I should have that done in a week or less, as for the rough draft. That's a pen name book, but mainly so no one gets confused and accidentally reads it, trying to put it in the major P.S. Power universe arc. that would confuse people.)

It's about an ancient northland ice nomad with shapeshifting powers, from a cannibal tribe, who meets a lovely paranormal investigator when they get stuck in a small forest cabin in a freak snowstorm. Then, as they grow closer and attraction grows, they are being hunted by something... Different. Not the cannibals from the north that Dan Meers fears, but something new and equally magical. And fearsom. (It's a gang of flesh eating magic users. They get beaten when Merry and Dan work together to end their lives.)

What, you thought it was going to be about how some secretary met her new husband/boss? Nope. Not even.

I just don't know if Romance readers will like that kind of thing. Romance, but supernatural as written by someone that cares about the story and refuses to write about how vague clairvoyance makes the heroine a "witch". (Grrr. That trope bugs me. If they have magical powers then make them magical!)

Then I'm thinking about either the next infected book, which will star Argos (Jason the speedster? The really humble guy?) or the Troy trilogy. Whichever one I do, the other will probably come a month after.

I also need to get to Ragman. I might restart it. What I have is fine, but a bit... I don't know. Me like? :)


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