The Greasepaint Chronicles

Jason Hadley, a down on his luck ex-history professor needs to make his world work again. So at the advice of his friend Carlos he takes a stab at being a professional clown to make ends meet. At least that was the plan. The world of being a painted performer isn't an easy one and Jason keeps being drawn into mysteries. As a detective. So, he does what any man would do when he can't get drunk and needs to keep the world together. What he has to, in order to survive.
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A Fear Of Clowns
The Greasepaint Chronicles - Book 1
Publication Date: March 24, 2014
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"The value of a good mystery grows with time, because secrets are meant to be uncovered. Including the greatest one of all..." It can be a hard bounce, hitting rock bottom and then starting back up in the world, but Jason Hadley is doing it. Slowly, and without much dignity at times, he's managing to claw his way skyward again. Working as a clown isn't the only way to do that, but it's a way, beats crime, and too few colleges are hiring good history professors anymore. When his best friends, Carlos and Wendy, get him a stage gig in Las Vegas it seems like a dream come true. Until his past comes calling, haunting him with old enemies, and a dead client, all trying to tear him back down into the gutter. Because a killer clown is on the loose, and Jay is the only game that way in his hometown. It's both a natural connection for the Sheriff to make, and an obvious frame up job. The question then is; who would bother going after a kids' entertainer? More than that; what kind of person would do it dressed up like a bozo? When it comes time to catch a clown, it might just take one to get the job done. One with ten faces and a hundred tricks, as well as a love of mysteries that won't let him quite until he understands the most important question of all. Why?