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Single books written under pen name "Dan Abe", that aren't associated with a particular series. Yet.
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Ijime (The Bullies)
Dan Abe - Book 1   /   Pen Name Books - Book 1
Publication Date: March 1, 2014   (as Dan Abe)
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There is a moment in each life when you have a singular chance to make the right decision. When she first heard about the deaths, that three students at her school had taken their own lives, Akemi Sato was elated. Her plan had worked. This, more than anything else that could have ever happened was proof that she was the true Queen of the Bullies. Until she started to see the ghosts of the dead kids, and realized that they'd trapped her forever. No matter what she did from that point on, she'd always be a murderer. Caught in her own clever web. Now Akemi must seek to make the world a better place. Not for the dead, but for the living. No matter what it costs her to get that done. Ijime (The Bullies): A Novel, is a book that deals with hard questions, and provides both some possible answers and food for thought. This must read work is destined to become a classic for a new world.