Dragon's Eye
Avery Rome - Book 2   /   Demonverse - Book 18
Publication Date: November 14, 2016
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What's a Dragon to do? Avery Rome is going on an adventure. One that no Shifter has ever been on before. Not openly. She's going to high school. With Humans. The goal is to make new friends, while balancing her life and duties to her nation. It isn't going to be as easy as all that however, since her new school isn't what it seems, and many of her classmates aren't human beings at all...


Report on Fasting, if you are interested...

    December 3rd, 2016

Fasting: Day Seventeen

What I’ve noticed so far.

1. A lot of people in the fasting world stop feeling hunger, or at least their normal level of it ,at about day five. That didn’t (and never has) happened for me. I did notice that at about day fourteen I really started to get that full effect finally. The very thought of food makes me feel a bit ill right now, to be honest. Which is great for not eating!
2. Health effects: So far, my breathing has cleared from it being hard to breath at times to totally clear. My joints, the ones in my fingers especially, feel much looser and pain free. (Hey, I’ve typed enough words to go to the moon and back… twice. It can be a wear issue!)
3. Mentally I noticed something on about day ten that surprised me. I woke up feeling like there was hope in the world and not like I kind of wanted to end it all. I hadn’t even noticed before that I was holding that kind of thing all the time. This is probably temporary, of course, due to the endorphins being released, but it has held for the week since then.
4. My willpower outside of food is kind of medium at present. I can do things, but have to make myself get it done. Especially writing, which normally isn’t that hard for me to make happen. I AM getting back to it however, so that’s looking up!
5. My flexibility suddenly shot up at about day eight. I’ve been stretching more, since I don’t know what’s coming and I will be moving into a more intensive exercise program at the end of this fast, but that part is interesting.
6. I do have occasional stomach grumbles, but really don’t need to eat yet. My energy does tend to flag near the end of the day, but so far it isn’t that big of an issue. I think that NOT resting in bed the whole time like medical professionals recommend for their patients is making a big difference that way. (What are they thinking? Of course bed ridden patients get weak! They know this one!)

My current plan is pretty fluid. Ideally, I’ll hold out until all the fat is gone, but that doesn’t seem likely. Barring that, I’m going to first go for twenty-one days. (I mean, I’m nearly there, right?) If that goes well and I’m not left crying in a corner, then I’m going to attempt holding out for forty days.

Past that… Well, I don’t know at all. I’m using vitamin supplements on occasion, so that part won’t be at issue. I have the fat reserves, so it’s safe enough… The real issue is the desire for my normal life back. Which kind of lacks in self-discipline, worrying over that instead of working toward my current goals.

*Note: I shouldn’t actually start starving, clinically for about… eighty more days. If you hear me going past that, then it’s a great time to chide me for being foolish! Notice though, that isn’t eighty days totally, but eighty more days… Sigh. Not that I want to starve, but it’s all thanks to extra body fat that is a detriment right now.