Ripped Open
The Infected: Ripped to Shreds - Book 2   /   The Infected - Book 11
Publication Date: April 30, 2016
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She can read you like a book... Cin Mableton is going through some changes. The worst of which is that she doesn't want to kill anyone. Not since she was given a genetic treatment to alter the best part of herself. Given that was the main reason she had for living, it isn't a good situation. Still, she has her powers, a few new people to pretend to be friends with and a lot of leeway at her new job. Working for the government. Finding people, and when she gets lucky, killing them. It isn't a perfect situation, but things are heating up, and the warmer things get, the more useful she is. Making her odds of living until tomorrow that much better.


Coming Economic Collapse

    May 24th, 2016


Yes, it's a different country, but there is a lesson in what is going on there right now for the rest of the world. We're seeing the current metrics sink to all-time lows in the U.S. supposed recovery from the 2008 recession. Unemployment is at an all time high. (Though hidden, as the masses drop off the lists of the unemployed, being renamed "discouraged workers". A term meant to hide that fact that these are all human beings that cannot find work, no matter what they do.

Business is sluggish overall. There isn't a lot to say about that.

Things are so bad, the Fed is kicking around the idea of negative interest rates. In case that sounds good to you, it's basically a tax on your savings accounts. Anything that draws interest will suddenly have a charge on it if that happens. Even better, to prevent bank runs, my best guess is that the funds will be locked into place in several protracted "bank holidays" (Which also sounds like so much fun! It's almost as if someone thinks we'll be tricked by giving things friendly sounding names...)

We also have several countries, China, Russia and a few others, who are tied to the dollar, who are being threatened by the U.S. government right now. If they try to devalue their money right now, it could start a war. Why? Because being tied to our currency means that it would make the dollar stronger...

Making it harder for big companies to sap funds from the poorest around the world.

*Insane? Possibly... Happening? Yes.

So, what does this have to do with the wonderful (what? It could be...) country of Venezuela.

Right now, today, people in their larger cities are fighting each other over potatoes and powdered milk they looted from government stores. They have actual food riots going on, as hungry souls stand around, begging, demanding and chanting for food. Just enough to get through the day.

I can hear you now, being smart, like you all are. "But Dale... Those people were in a socialist country, where the government badly mismanaged, maybe even stole all their money! Our country isn't like that!"

True. We're in great amounts of debt though, as a country. The economy might not go down, but it's staggering right now. Things at least look bad.

So, my guess is that everything possible will be done to keep things together until after the new year. That way the problems can be dumped on whoever enherits the mess, instead of Obama. (I'll cover my take on that fiasco in the making. "The Donald" Trump VS Hillary "For Prison" Clinton. It's frankly the most insane Presidential election in modern history coming up. Two super villains arguing about how they're going to destroy us all.)

What is my point here?

Get ready. Just in case. Get a garden in now, if at all possible. Even if it's just some small pots in a window! Build up your food stocks if you can. Make some kind of plan to have a place you can go outside of the city.

In Venezuela, the people in the cities are in great danger. Starving. Their power rationed.
The people in the countryside can find food, growing it for themselves. Hunting wildlife instead of eating their pet dogs and cats.

I can't tell anyone what will happen. Hopefully nothing at all. That's the best case, and the signals aren't pointing that way right now. It really looks like being able to provide your own food is a great idea right now!

For people in Europe or Australia (Or the rest of the world... Hello Brazil!) don't think that the U.S. goes down alone. The problems are almost everywhere. When the big guys go down, everyone is going to sink. Make preparations if you can. I am.

It might not be needed, or may not be enough... But growing a garden plot or putting some flour in a bin aren't the worst things to do in the world.