Friends And Enemies
Gwen Farris - Book 5
Publication Date: March 28, 2015
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When you hold a treasure in your hand, no one sane would risk letting it go...

Gwen Farris, the woman from another world, has a problem.

One the lives inside her head. Katherine, the girl whose body she's taken over. Right or wrong, the original owner wants it back. The fact is that two people can't live in one body, so someone is going to have to go. One way or another.

Gwen knows which person she's voting for, but Katherine Vernor might just have a different opinion.

But some people shouldn't be allowed to live in the real world, and Kat might just be one of them.


A new mystery series (three books) if I can find an interesting hook.

Three romance novels, to see if I can write that kind of thing well enough.(Stretch those limitations!) 

Oy Vey! (Only spelled correctly.) It's a humor novel about a white supremacist that discovers he's actually Jewish by birth, and that his wealthy great aunt wants to give him a large sum of money. But he has to live as a Jewish person for a year first.

Discipline. (Possibly three books? Maybe just the one. I need to think about that.)

I have some other things I want to get to as well. So that's only... Twenty-four books.

Two a month?

I can do that.