Shield Of Innocence
Alternate Places - Book 4
Publication Date: October 31, 2015
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Everything has happened. Everything will happen again.

Zack Hartley walks the lines between worlds. All of them. That makes him a very powerful, and potentially dangerous, being. A fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by the darkest of enemies, the terrifying monsters that created him in the first place.

Now they seek to use him to their own end. In order to defeat them, Zack is going to need some good friends.

That, and more time than anyone has ever even dreamed about.


Strange Things About Me...
Posted on August 11th, 2015

At the moment I'm writing a Supernatural Romance novel. This will be put out under a pen name, since it isn't part of the larger project universe. Cassie Power. (Yes, I look at that and shiver a bit, since I'm not a woman, but there you have it. I can, I hope, write Romance well enough, but a girl's name seems off putting... Just because it isn't me. I'll live.) That novel is "Snowbound Nomad". The goal is to have that done in a week or two, then to move into the next book. I'm thinking of doing something in the Infected world. Nothing is set yet, and I might do Alternate Places... Past that, I want to come out with a good Piece for Christmas this year, as well as a three book series to come out in December. I have a new idea that I'm considering for that, but don't want to give that one out yet... That's where I am right now, all of this is subject to change however. I mean, did you read that first stuff up there? It probably shows that flexibility is a trait that I actually have, doesn't it?