The Infected: Mirror Man - Book 1   /   The Infected - Book 13
Publication Date: December 7, 2017
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Hold on to what you have here, in this very moment, because otherwise it will be stolen away... At the moment of death, Howard gets a second chance at life. Finding himself Infected, in possession of super human powers and nearly crippling emotional problems, as well as returned youth and vitality, he must fight his impulse to steal the world, along with everything in it. A thing that has become nearly impossible manage. At the same time Howard must start a new life and take down some of the worst people in existence... If they don't kill him first. Not being a fighter, that means taking care of the issue his way. With a little careful planning, and a whole lot of taking. Will it be enough? Howard doesn't have a clue but that won't stop the worlds greatest thief from trying.


New Year, New Issues...

    January 3rd, 2018

First, I want to keep this short.

1. I was told by "sources" that many high ranking people are about to be publically exposed for things very similar as what the problem is in the book "Shine".

2. I was also told, not too subtly, that at a low level, I've made the radar of such people. What they plan to do about it... Well, honestly, it won't be much. They're going to be far too busy for that.


3. There are people in the government about to mention that we've been being visited by people and beings from alternate realities. (Possibly, it will probably take twenty years or more, given how they've spoken of things in the past... Ho, hum... Foot dragging..."

The thing here is that, when this kind of data is released you may, just possibly, see some similarities between things in some of my works and what is being spoken of.

*It may also not happen at all. Which is fine. We have our own lives as well.

This does NOT mean that I copied things from other realities and turned it into books. Honest.

Will this happen for certain? Not at all. Especially the first portion. It's real, but these specific bad actors might actually be above the law. If so, then the law cannot touch them for it.