Stand Alone Book - Cheat
Publication Date: April 29, 2015
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The most precious thing you have is the time to act. Take it, if you can.

Mason Sims is a freelance three dimensional printing and nano design tech, one of the most complex jobs available. Most days he simply focuses on his work, his one friend, virtual reality, and lives a quiet life, untroubled by other people.

Right up until his best friend, Sam, who lives life as a gender neutral person, gets him involved in a situation far more intense and dangerous than Mason would have ever dreamed possible. Ripped from his old life, he must now figure out how to save the world from certain destruction.

Can he survive trying?

Could anyone?


I have a new series that I'm working on. (Like Eve? Three books, all to come out at once, same world. Keeley, Zack and all that. More of The Rotted than we've seen by far...)

The perspective character is a young 17-18 year old man that we haven't met before in the other stories. Regular Human.

Last Updated: 4/27/2015